Wednesday, June 24, 2015

3 Steps to Start a Detox

It is really is important to prepare both physically (food shopping) and mentally (motivation) if you want to successfully complete a detox. These are my top 3 steps that will help you get started on your preparation!

1. Decide what kind of detox you want to do and make a time commitment. If this is your first detox I would recommend doing the unlimited fruit and veg fast. It just gives you more flexibility with foods that you probably aren't used to eating all the time. Plus you can eat them raw or cooked and don't need any kind of special equipment like a juicer. Raw juice is definitely optimal to include if you can! But not totally necessary.

As far as time, commit to what you know you can accomplish. I think 3 days is a good starting point for a first detox. Try to start the detox on a weekend or when you won't be too busy. That way if you do encounter headaches or "loose bowels" you will be able to put yourself first while your cells release toxins for that time period.

2. Plan your menu, shop, and prepare.  Come up with a list of all the fruits and vegetables you love, maybe research some recipes, or keep it simple and just have lots of fruit salad and chopped veggies ready to eat. Either way, buying enough fruit and veg and preparing it ahead of time is the most essential step! This way when you are hungry (which might be constantly all day) you will have an abundance/variety of food to choose from and be less tempted to grab something else. If you love bananas, don't buy just one bunch, buy 3 or 4 bunches! If you like apples, but prefer them sliced, slice them ahead of time! I know it sounds like such a simple thing but it can make all the difference. You want to avoid not having enough to eat and will be more successful if you are able to grab food easily and effortlessly and not think about what your next meal will be.

3. Stay motivated! This may be something you've never done before, but there are plenty of people who have! Research those people and see how they live healthy. I follow quite a few motivational/health pages on instagram and Facebook. They have a ton of good advice and experience and I love seeing those bits of motivation throughout the day when I scroll through social media. A couple of my my favorite websites (who also have Facebook pages) is Rebel Dietitian and Scooby's Workshop. Also on Facebook that I like is Engine2Diet, Hungry for Change, Forks Over Knives, Chris Beat Cancer, and Dr Bill Davison. On Instagram @eat_to_thrive, @ohsheglows, @thrivingonplants, @domthompson, @earthlingnutrition, @freeleethebananagirl, and @cfvgn_yolanda.

If you have kids like me it can be tricky (and tempting) to keep them fed. I usually prepare different food for them throughout the day but then have them eat whatever dinner I make (which is a cooked vegetable dish). Just make sure you eat enough food. This will help keep your cravings down, especially when preparing food for others. Here are some simple meal ideas of things I usually eat on a detox to get your imagination flowing. I haven't listed them as breakfast lunch or dinner because they are interchangeable and it just depends what you feel like at that time of day. You might want set meals or graze all day long, its totally up to you. Just make sure to eat eat eat!

4-6 bananas
Half a Watermelon
Raw or frozen berries
Fruit or vegetable juice (even store bought like Naked Juice or Just Juice, just make sure the label has no added sugar/colors/preservatives in the ingredients)
Fruit salad
Carrot/celery/cucumber sticks dipped in mashed avocado
Sautéed snap peas, zucchini, and mushroom
Oil free baked potato wedges
Homemade Vegetable Soup
Homemade Vegetable Chili (no beans)

Remember to try and stay away from all grains, legumes, and nuts. Yes these are plants and are very good for you, but on a detox you are trying to flood your body with potent nutrients that are the most easy to digest. Having said that, when I've been on detox I have eaten peas (which are technically a bean) and corn (which is a grain). I would say those two are probably the only exceptions and should still be eaten moderately. For more detox inspo click on the 'detox' label to the right!


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